• 3D Printed Sex Toy
  • 3D Printed Sex Toys


The online sex shop for 3D printed sex toys.

SexShop3D.com is an online sex shop selling 3D sex toy designs for your 3D printer.
We provide our customers with many designs you can customize and print in 3D.
Choose your designs, checkout with PayPal, print your 3D sex toys. It’s that easy!
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3D Printed Sex Toys
Increased privacy, customization potential and the growing accessibility of 3D printing by home users will fuel the future of digitally downloaded sex toys.Stephen Yagielowicz, XBIZ
SexShop3D, has based their entire business model around 3D printing. The brainchild of French designer Thomas Sancelot, SexShop3D offers customers a totally customizable sex toy experience. Unlike the traditional online sex toy stores you may be accustomed to, SexShop3D works on an entirely new premise. Instead of selling the physical toys, and then shipping them directly to a person’s house, which in itself can be embarrassing, and impede possible sales, they take a different approach.Brittney Sevenson, 3DPrint.com