3D Printing Taking Sex Toy Privacy and Customization to New Levels

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There is no denying that 3D printing is changing the face of manufacturing through its ability to create nearly any conceivable item to the exact specifications needed. The technology is currently being used in the dental and healthcare fields, aerospace, and many other industries to create application specific products without the need for ordering and waiting for shipment. However, big businesses are not the only ones taking advantage of the increased possibilities provided by 3D printing.

3D printing technology continues to grow in popularity for in-home use, with experts projecting a 95% increase in consumer purchases over the next three years. This means that products that you originally had to purchase directly from manufacturers can now be made in the comfort of your own home. One area where this technology is especially useful is sex toys, where privacy and customization are key.

Enhanced Privacy

Whether you are an enthusiast or you simply want to spice up your sex life, sex toys are a great option. However, if like many people, you are embarrassed by having these items sent to your home – what if it went to the wrong house, or your child opened the package before you got to it? These and many other thoughts prevent many consumers from enjoying the possibilities provided by these tools. However, 3D printing allows you to print 3D sex toys in your own home, eliminating the embarrassment and fear associated with buying these items. Instead, you can choose any toy you want, and print it without anyone ever knowing about your private purchases.
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3D printed pleasure products might also bring in new consumers the traditional sex toy industry could not reach before. Sex toys are a prohibited products in India and South Africa. 3D printing would give access of these pleasure products to a potential billion of new sex toys fans!

New Levels of Customization

The ability to print 3D sex toys also opens up a whole new world in customization. You can choose option and design it to meet your own specific needs, rather than being limited to what your favorite store has to offer. Every design can be sized up or down, made from whatever material you prefer, and in any color choice to create an endless variety of options for the bedroom.

3D printing is changing the manufacturing and buying process, and the technology becomes more affordable every day. If you are ready to experience the privacy and customization provided by printing your own 3D sex toys, contact us at SexShop3D to discover the changing face of intimate pleasure.

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