New 3D Sex Toy In Store: The Twisted Dong

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We uploaded our latest 3D sex toy design today. You can now 3D print The Twisted Dong. This double ended dildo is smoothly curved for maximum pleasure. You can either use the realisctic tip or the twisted end depending on your mood. Scale your 3D sex toy up or down, print it in the material you like but make sure you follow our 3 steps to make your 3D sex toys safe.

Certainly at some point we will be able to create 3D printed sex toys out of suitable material so that the creation process can be done in one step. That suggests a future in which the sex toy industry will gradually move away from physical products to digital designs that can be sold and downloaded from the Internet. All our designs come in an STL file, which is the most common file format for 3D models.

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Tom Sancelot
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Tom Sancelot is a French entrepreneur living in Canada.
Feeling the sex toy industry was bound to change with the growth of 3D printing technology, he launched in 2014. It's been a techy and sexy ride ever since.

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  1. SO TRUE! And your largest sex organ is your epredimis. Without a very creative fantasy life in your BRAIN none of it can happen! You have to be present and in your brain to have any kind of climax.

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