Bringing The Sex Toy Industry Into The 21st Century

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The sex toy industry has been around almost as long as mankind. It has been said that as far back as 500 BC sex toys were made and sold by the Greeks. Imagine how primitive those toys must have been. Let’s take a peak at how sex toys have evolved.

In 2005, BBC News reported that, “A sculpted and polished phallus found in a German cave is among the earliest representations of male sexuality ever uncovered, researchers say”. The object’s distinctive form and etched rings around one end mean there can be little doubt as to its symbolic nature. The tool was found to be 28,000 years old. Even the Ice Age population looked for items to sexually stimulate them.

As far back as the 17th Century French sailors devised the Dame de Voyage (today’s modern sex dolls).They were made of cloth or rags and only attractive to lonely sailors. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s when rubber ladies were invented.

28,000 year old dildo

28,000 year old dildo

Get ready for the Manipulator. Invented in 1891, this steam-powered vibrator was as noisy as it was powerful. Any woman using one of these may as well advertise her masturbating schedule. What could not be seen could definitely be heard. In 1945 the Gyro-Lator replaced the loud, bulky Manipulator. Made of metal, it was the first vibrator that actually looked more like the real thing.

Bigger and better vibrators have been introduced regularly ever since. But with those vibrators you have to enter a sex toy store (very embarrassing) or order them online and have them shipped (has the potential of embarrassment). One other way is a home sex toy party. If you’ve ever been to one of those you know they can be great fun, but can have you feeling uncomfortable even among friends.

These are all great ways to purchase sex toys – if you’re stuck in the last century. Step into the 21st century where sex toys have been revolutionized and 3D sex toys are the now and the future. Imagine customizing and printing your own 3D sex toy right in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The sex toy industry has never been better than this totally private and fun way to purchase a pleasurable toy.

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