Customizable and Discreet: Explaining the Popularity of 3D Sex Toys

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Not everyone has the confidence to stride up to a sex shop with a big smile on their face and purchase the largest dildo or butt plug they see. Most people take notice of the judging looks of people who instinctively know exactly where they are going and why. Printing 3D sex toys allows an individual to buy a design, usually for around 5 dollars, and make as many copies of it as they want to enjoy in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Discretion and convenience aren’t the only reason why so many people are switching to 3D printed sex toys: designs for 3d sex toys can be modified to be larger, smaller, or can be printed in different textures. Rather than purchasing just one toy, a printable design has tremendous reuse value. Also, 3D sex toys are body safe when using ABS plastic, a hypo-allergenic material available in a wide range of colors.

Finishing the product to be safely used for recreation is a snap as well. Use sandpaper to polish the finished product down to a smooth, clean surface. Next, spray the toys with a thin coat of silicone. That is all it takes to create store-quality dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, and the famous ‘stick shift‘.

When looking for the best and most unique printable designs for 3D sex toys, SexShop3D provides a wide range of tantalizing treats for all sorts of appetites. All products are capable of providing stand-alone stimulation, but some are designed with a hollow space to allow for the placement of a bullet vibrator.

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