A “Private” Matter: Printing 3D Sex Toys

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Ever since 3D printers debuted as an option for the average consumer, inventors have been spewing forth ideas of what to print ranging from simple knickknacks to useful tools. With that comes a new dawn of sexual freedom: the ability to print your own sex toys. SexShop3D.com has introduced the concept of printing your own pleasure toys. This has allure for several reasons.

People concerned with privacy can find entering sex shops a daunting experience.  It can be overwhelming or underwhelming depending on the selection.  For these individuals, asking a retail specialist for help isn’t an option.  A 3D printer can offer these customers the seclusion of their own home to test a toy out.

One of the great things about home 3D printers is that you can create items out of recyclable ABS and compostable PLS plastic, making 3D sex toys environmentally friendly items.  If your toy doesn’t work out, you can toss it in the compost or recycling bin and try another.  And when the life of your favored toy has come to an end, you don’t have to feel bad about filling up the landfill. We also offer the shell (hollow) version to save up to 70% on printing material.

That’s a good thing because you may want to print two or three 3D sex toys to try out.  It’s like Goldilocks and the three bears: if the first one’s too big, try another.  Once you’ve experienced the satisfaction an individualized sex toy can give you, you just might fall asleep out of pure comfort like Goldilocks did when she found just the right bed. We bring the luxury of customization to your fingertips.  Once you’ve chosen the desired toy, you can download the file and size it to your individual fit.

3D printing offers privacy, affordability, and sustainability. When you’re ready to bring a 3D printer into the home, bring it into the bedroom too. Contact us for more details.

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Tom Sancelot
Founder at SexShop3D.com
Tom Sancelot is a French entrepreneur living in Canada.
Feeling the sex toy industry was bound to change with the growth of 3D printing technology, he launched SexShop3D.com in 2014. It's been a techy and sexy ride ever since.

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