Buying Your First Sex Toy: Release the Shame, Embrace the Fun!

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Sex toys can make people nervous. Even sexually active, open-minded people. There is this taboo around them that makes it seem as if they are for the dirty minded, the naughty folk. That has never been true. In a world where you can easily purchase a sex toy online with minimum fuss, in the comfort and security of your own home, people are finding it easier to move past the nerves and take the plunge into using them either with their partner or alone.Buying a sex toy can be daunting. There are so many options out there. How do you know what to choose? Here are a few tips to help you purchase that first sex toy:1. If you are truly curious about using pleasure products, you need to get past feeling like you are doing something wrong or weird. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking control of your own pleasure. It is in fact a sign of strength and confidence. Don’t be ashamed that you want to feel good. Be proud that you are taking steps to seize your pleasure in your own hands. 3D printing offers a level of privacy the traditional sex toy industry cannot reach. These products can now be made in the comfort of your own home without anyone knowing.

2. Start small. There is no need to go “all in” on your first toy. Discretion is not the only reason people are switching to 3D printed sex toys. Rather than being limited to what your store has to offer, you can now choose a design and customize it to meet your specific needs. You can size it up or down. It’s all about trial and error, you are going to get some bad toys here and there, and then you will find great ones. Be patient.

3. If you have a partner, then don’t be afraid to talk about what you want. Yes, sometimes a partner can be intimidated by sex toys, thinking they are not satisfying you as they should. Most times, these toys are a way to enhance the intimacy between you and your partner, not eliminate it. This is just to add another level of pleasure, for you both.

4. Figure out what turns you on. Figure out what you want out of your sex life and see what you can find that enhances it. Honestly, talking about it with your partner can be the best experience. You look at, discuss, then share. A huge turn on.

5. In this world of online shopping and technical advances, who knows where the sex toy business is going to go. Another new and exciting advancement in this industry is 3D printing. makes sex toys available to those who have a 3D printer. You can print one at home, no shipping, no chance that a family member might open your intimate package.

There are a lot of choices. Make sure you are purchasing something you truly want. The most important tip to remember is to be patient, have fun and relax. Buying sex toys should be a fun and stimulating experience. Enjoy it!

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