Weird and Wonderful Facts About Sex Toys

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You and I may think of dildos and vibrators as lovely toys to enjoy alone or with a special friend. It’s certainly true that amorous adventurers can have a whole lot of fun with a 3D printed dildo, but there’s more to sex toys than that.

There were times in history when dildos were prescribed by medical doctors to relieve so-called “female troubles.” Seems that over the centuries, a lot of ladies were diagnosed by their physicians as having a terrible malady known as hysteria. The cure for such a dread disease? Orgasms, and plenty of them!

Doctorly advice to so-called hysterical women in the 13th century included a recommendation that they go home and use a dildo to relieve their tension. In the 16th century, married women were advised to make a lot of love with their husbands. Never mind the fact that a mere 25% of women orgasm by intercourse alone. Unmarried women and widows diagnosed with hysteria were advised to ride a horse. We’ll leave it up to you to find out whether or not an equestrian frolic gets you off.

In the sexual dark ages of the 19th century, women were supposedly incapable of giving themselves an orgasm.  For this reason women often turned to their physician to deliver the proper dose of bliss that was prescribed to relieve their hysteria. At the time women were considered disinterested in things like sex and unable to have a “real” climax the way a man could. These long-ago ladies were having orgasms alright, but the medical terminology of the day referred to them as paroxysms.

According to an article by sexy San Francisco journalist Michael Castleman in Psychology Today, the first electric vibrators were not invented solely for the pleasure of women. Plug-in sexual stimulators were devised to give relief to the wrists and hands of all those doctors who were diligently providing manual orgasms to their patients.

We found it rather amusing to learn that one of the first five home appliances offered by the General Electric company was a vibrator. It’s true! The first five electrical appliances GE sold to consumers were an electric toaster, a fan, a sewing machine, an electric tea kettle, and a vibrator. Evidently, these new gadgets freed up a lot of spare time for late-19th-century American housewives, because the electrical vibrator was a big hit with consumers.

Thank goodness women no longer have to ask their doctor to prescribe a dildo. Still, there are many folks who feel too shy to walk into an adult toy store or buy a vibrator or dildo from a website.

No worries! 3D printing technology is changing everything about the way delightful sex toys are obtained. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can use one of our STL designs to print a solid or hollow dildo precisely to your personal specifications. When you’re ready to know more about making custom dildos with SexShop3D, contact us. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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