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People think of sex toys as something they can use when they’re not having sex, as an aid to masturbation. They don’t have to be your guilty little secret. They can also be shared with your partner and used to enhance pleasure in bed. Here are a few ways in which you can 3D print sex toys and spice up your sex life with your partner:

3D print vibrators

3D Print Vibrators | Copyright: SexShop3D.com

  1. Vibrators.
    Most people think that vibrators only feel good to women but this is not true. Vibrators can be used to stimulate both partners and you can also run the vibrating tip along various parts of the body to increase sensation. It’s a little bit like touching your partner in a fluttery, teasing kind of way, which can be an incredible turn on. So print your vibrator in size and style that you prefer and bring it to bed to play with. Run it around your partner’s nipples, genital area and any other part of the body where he/she is particularly sensitive. You can also adjust the degree of vibration and slowly build up the intensity as you go.

    3D print dildos

    3D print dildos | Copyright: SexShop3D.com

  2. Dildos.
    These are probably the most versatile when it comes to sex toys because they can be used by heterosexual and gay couples in various different ways. Usually, a dildo is used for vaginal penetration but it can also be used for anal penetration, especially if you print a smaller sized one. If you want to prolong your partner’s pleasure, you can try inserting a dildo into him/her while you stimulate other parts of his/her body.

    3D print anal sex toys

    3D print anal toys | Copyright: SexShop3D.com

  3. Anal Toys.
    If you haven’t yet explored the world of anal stimulation, you are missing out. People tend to avoid it because they don’t consider it a part of so-called “normal” sex. However, who’s to tell what’s normal and what isn’t? If you enjoy being anally stimulated or arousing your partner with anal stimulation, then there is no reason why you should not do so. Using a butt plug or anal beads before or during intercourse can provide a whole new type of stimulation. Not only is it pleasurable in itself, it can also increase the intensity of the orgasms.

If you haven’t yet explored the world of sex toys, you can now do so in the privacy of your home with 3D printed sex toys.

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