What Is The Cost of 3D Printing?

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3D printing is science fiction turned into science fact. Every show from Star Trek to Neuromancer had some form of replication device that would create the exact item you wanted at the touch of a button. While 3D printers aren’t quite that powerful (yet), they can create a staggering array of items. In fact it seems that everything from action figures to sex toys can be made using a compact, at-home 3D printer.

The Cost of The Machine

The biggest expense that you’re going to see is the up-front cost of buying a 3Dprinter in the first place. While industrial machines can run over $50,000, an at-home model is more likely to cost a few thousand dollars at most. As with any new technology, the longer it’s around the less expensive and more efficient the 3D printers of the future are likely to be.


MakerBot Replicator 2 | Copyright: MakerBot Industries

The Cost of Materials

After the cost of the printer there’s the cost of the material. The plastic material that at-home 3D printers use costs roughly $45 for a 1 kilogram reel. Simple prints, such as a full size dildo, would cost about $5 to make at home, and would take between one and three hours or so depending on how fine you want the layers to be.


Plastic filament for 3D printing | Copyright: MakerBot Industries

Other Costs

Beyond these two basic costs the cost of 3D printing will vary depending on how often you use it, and what you’re printing. If you’re constantly printing off large items on a daily basis then you have to consider the costs in materials, the costs in power, the costs in upkeep, and the costs in the designs you’re printing (since you either need to make a blueprint of the item you’re printing, or buy one).

So where does the money-saving aspect come in?

3D printing is, at present, an expensive proposal if you’re going to use it for everything. However there are plenty of expensive items that you could 3D print more affordably.
Sex toys are one example of an item that, even with the costs in material, blueprint, power and time, will often be cheaper with a 3D printer than to buy at a retail price.

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