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3D printers are becoming a normal part of everyday life for more and more people. These machines have been embraced by a huge number of industries, and as the technology evolves home 3D printers are getting more common and more affordable too. In time 3D printed items could very well replace many items you used to buy from a physical store. But before printing out any object you must download a 3D model.

How does that work?

With a 3D printer your own the means of production. You own the material the item is going to be made out of. All you have to buy is the electronic blueprint that tells your 3D printer what the item is and how to make it.

What is Cults?

Cults is a marketplace that connects 3D designers and buyers who want to print 3D objects. Are you interested in jewellery, tools or naughty 3D models? From the telescopic light saber of the new Star Wars movie to designers’s rings, you can find pretty much everything that can be 3D printed on Cults. Simply browse the multiple categories available to find what is going to be your next printed object.

We uploaded some 3D sex toys on Cults you will find in the ‘Naughties‘ section.

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Tom Sancelot is a French entrepreneur living in Canada.
Feeling the sex toy industry was bound to change with the growth of 3D printing technology, he launched in 2014. It's been a techy and sexy ride ever since.

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