The Future of Home 3D Printing

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While 3D printing has become a reality, at the moment it’s something that’s mainly used in industry applications. After all it makes sense that companies that don’t have time to wait for production and shipping would want to make spare parts on site. As with any technology that’s embraced so wholeheartedly though it’s only a matter of time until home 3D printing becomes common.

Why It’s Going To Spread

There are a lot of reasons that 3D printing is going to become a home staple. Topping the list is the sheer convenience of 3D printing. Whether you want game pieces or a wrist brace, sex toys or home fixtures a 3D printer allows you to make things to your specification without a need to wait (or pay) for shipping and handling, and there’s no need to ever leave your house.

Beyond how convenient it is to 3D print so many things, it’s also going to be less expensive. While the cost of the printer is expensive, and the cost of the printing material is a little pricey at the moment, it’s important to compare that with the savings the printer provides on some items. Buying a basic dildo will cost around $20 plus shipping and handling. If you 3D print your own though then you are certain to get it in the size you want, and the cost of the design will be no more than a few dollars. All that’s left is the cost of the material to print it, which could be as little as $5 worth of material.

Won’t 3D Printing Ruin The Economy?

Did ebooks mean no one bought physical copies anymore? Of course not, because there will always be people who don’t want to buy the technology required to read ebooks, or who simply prefer doing things the old fashioned way. With 3D printing there will always be some items that either can’t be 3D printed, or which are simply less expensive to buy outright. But there is a demand for 3D printing that goes beyond novelty, and as a result the technology will eventually grow to fit that demand.

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