Are 3D Printed Sex Toys Really A Big Deal?

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3D printers are poised to explode onto the home market. While the technology has been around for some time it’s mainly been used by big industry and tech fields (recall how a 3D printer saved astronauts in space?) due to the cost. As the technology becomes more refined and it can be produced for less and less money at-home 3D printers might become something common place.

But what are people going to use these printers for? Well at least some people are going to use them to print 3D sex toy designs.

Why Would They Do That?

First of all, in case you didn’t know, sexuality has been one of the major driving forces behind technological advancement since the printing press (the most popular book Gutenberg’s printing press ran was an illustrated collection of erotic verse). If you combine that with the fact that sex toys are a $15 billion industry then you have a recipe for a lot of at-home action.

3D printers change the game when it comes to sex toys. With these designs there is no need to put on a trench coat and sunglasses to go to the local adult store and get something embarrassing. There’s also no need to wait for something to be sent to you by mail because you ordered it offline. Perhaps most importantly though these designs can never be out of stock because they’re files; you can sell as many as you want, and the cost will be very low because all the production takes place in the buyer’s own home.

Download the Stick Shift

The Stick Shift with a bullet vibrator

Why You Can’t 3D Print All Your Sex Toys

Let’s be honest, the idea of getting the perfect toy in a few hours in your own home is pretty neat. The idea that you could replace it in a similar amount of time if something happens is a nice bonus. It should be noted that not all sex toys are going to fall into the “print at home” category.

Why? Because some toys are just too complicated.

If you want to print a simple dildo or a plug using a 3D printer then that’s going to be no problem. Even toys with unusual shapes or designs will be easy to print. 3D printers won’t be able to add in vibrating devices though, nor will they be able to put in other electronic accouterments. While basic toys are no problem, the ones that come with extra features are still going to have to be purchased the old-fashioned way.

For now.


You can insert a bullet vibrator into your
3D printed sex toy.

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