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3D printing technology is evolving so fast, it’s hard to keep up with their capabilities. One thing most of us can agree on is that their products are hard and plastic, right?



3D Printed Wedding Dress | ImagineChina/REX

According to the Daily Mail, the very first 3D printed wedding dresses have just been unveiled (no pun intended) at the TCT + Personalize Asia exhibition in Shanghai. Rather than being cut out of fabric, the dresses are built up, layer by layer, as nylon powder is fused together by machine. The resulting masterpieces pay tribute to more traditional lace patterns, but bring their own definitive and decidedly new style to the table.

XuberanceThe fine folks at Xuberance, the 3D printing company that designed and created the dresses, say that the new technology will allow for more intricate patterns and stylings than are possible with traditional fabric.

But will this new technology save you money on your big day? The short answer is no. While these dresses are not yet on the market, a 3D printed bridal veil from Xuberance runs 20,000 Chinese yuan, or about $3,200. That, combined with the fact that a single dress takes an entire week to make, means that this particular item is probably outside most of our budgets, outrageous modern wedding costs or not!

That being said, if you had the opportunity to wear one, would you? Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

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