Carbon3D’s New 3D Printing Technique, Inspired By ‘Terminator 2’

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In the movie “Terminator 2” the T-1000 terminator rises from a pool of liquid metal and thus can change its shape at will. A group of researchers were inspired by that movie to create the next generation of 3D printing technology.

In standard 3D printing, an object is created by laying layer upon layer of material, such as plastic or powdered metal. The process works and has sparked a revolution in additive manufacturing.

Carbon3DA company called Carbon3D is trying a different approach. Its 3D printer, using a technology called “Continuous Liquid Interface Production Technology”, or CLIP, uses a pool of molten resin as building material. The printer uses a combination of light and oxygen to haren the resin in precise shapes. The result is an extremely precisely made object that is litterally lifted from the molten resin.


CLIP Technology | Carbon3D

Not only do the created objects lack the minute imperfections inherent in objects created by conentional 3D printing, but the objects are created 25 to 100 times faster.

As with conventional 3D printing, the possibilities of CLIP will be endless.

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