Robert Downey Jr. Gives Seven Year Old Boy a 3D Printed Prosthetic Arm

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Alex is a seven-year old boy who was born with one of his arms partially developed . Ordinarily, getting a prosthetic arm for a boy who will have to have them replaced periodically would cost thousands of dollars. But a non-profit called Limbitless Solutions, created by a college graduate student named Albert Monero, has developed 3D printing and volunteer labor to bring the price down to the low hundreds of dollars.

Limbitless Solutions demonstrated marketing genius when they designed the custom-made arm for Alex to look exactly like the bright red gauntlets that Iron Man uses when he battles with evil doers. Having Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man himself, to personnaly deliver the device to Alex and help him try it out compounded that genius to an epic scale.

3D Printed Prosthetic Arm

3D Printed “Iron Man” Prosthetic Arm | Limbitless Solutions

The arm seems to have great freedom of movement, with the fingers being able to flex and grip objects. The 3D printing technology means that as Alex continues to grow, larger and more sophisticated versions of the arm can be fitted for him easily and cheaply.

When Alex is fully grown, considering the remarkable advances in the technology, the prosthetic arm he will wear will likely be light years ahead of the capabilities that his Iron Man arm has currently. But one cannot doubt that he will remember forever the day Tony Stark personally  presented him with his very first one.


Alex with his Iron Man arm looking over the city to catch bad guys | Marvel

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