Are 3D Printed Instruments the Future of Music?

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3D printing has given us a lot of amazing things in recent years. It has allowed us to manufacture to-measure prosthetics and medical devices at a fraction of previous costs, as well as to download sex toys off the Internet and print them in the privacy of our homes. From action figures to Stirling engines 3D printers are litteraly fabricating our futures.

We have already seen 3D printed instruments in the past. A few months ago an engineering student made headlines with a fully functional 3D printed trumpet. Now a pair of architects from MONAD Studio took the 3D printing of musical instruments to the next level with a violin that looks like a Sci-Fi alien weapon.

3D Printed Violin

3D printed violin, the Piezoelectric | Credit: MONAD Studio

What is the Piezoelectric violin?

To look at it the Piezoelectric violin looks like something that would be wielded by the second chair in the Klingon symphony. It’s all smooth lines and blades (not sharpened of course), and it only has two strings. It holds the same way as a traditional violin, and it plays the same way, but comparing it to the parent instrument is like comparing a traditional guitar to the electric version used by a heavy metal front man. While the instrumets are definitely related, there is a certain generational (and technological) gap in their sound.

You can check this 3D printed violin out at the Inside 3D Printing conference inside Manhattan’s Javits Center on April 15-17.

That is how far 3D printing is going. At first it was used for prototyping and to create on-site parts and tools, and then it moved on to solving big problems like medical issues or helping to build houses. Now 3D printing has been risen to the level of art, and it’s being used to change the way we create.

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