Are 3D Printers Creating Cyborgs?

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Cyborgs, beings with both organic and mechanical parts, used to exist only in science fiction literature and films. While real people have been able to claim this definition for a while (everything from prosthetic limbs to pace makers technically makes someone a cyborg), technology has finally caught up to our idea of mechanized men and women. From robotic limbs that respond to your nervous system to artificial eyes and ears that give senses back to the patient it feels like we are living in the future.

How Are 3D Printers Helping?

3D printing might seem like a novelty to some people but once the novelty wore off the potential this technology represents was grabbed quite hard by medical science, and it’s been doing some amazing things since then.

What sort of amazing things you ask? Well, there are scientists who can already 3D print organs, bone and skin, or cheaply produce robotic prosthetic limbs. 3D Printing Industry made a list of 12 things we can 3d print in medicine that shows how customized 3D printing is changing healthcare.

As man and machine become more and more comfortable with one another it’s more and more likely that technology will be used to defeat diseases and injuries that in the past were things we simply lived or died with. The way things are going it’s also likely that 3D printing is going to be used to design specific devices so that every patient has something made especially for him or her.

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