Blind Mother ‘Sees’ Her Unborn Child Thanks to 3D Printed Ultrasound

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Women have been marveling at ultrasounds of their unborn children for decades. That option was not available to Tatiana Guerra, who has been blind since the age of 17. Her doctor could describe how her baby looked, but it was not the same thing.

Sponsored by Huggies Brasil, as part of an advertisement, technicians took the ultrasound image of Guerra’s infant and fed it into a 3D printer. In due course, a printed image of the unborn baby was brought for the expectant mother to hold, to run her hand over his facial features, and to “see” for the first time.

Businesses, starting in Japan, have been making 3D printed ultrasounds since 2012. The technology used in this way does not serve any practical purpose. It did bring tears of joy to Guerra’s unseeing eyes as she ran her fingers over the image’s nose, mouth, and eyes. Sometimes, all technology has to do to be wonderful is to bring that kind of joy.

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