Lowe’s Offering Custom, In-Store Fabrication with 3D Printing

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3D printing isn’t exactly news anymore. It’s gone from a space-age technology (actually used on the International Space Station), to something that’s become relatively common down on Terra Firma. Amazon is putting these printers on trucks, and Coke is producing at-home models that use filament made from recycled bottles. Despite how often 3D printers are used, though, they are in that awkward stage where the technology has been proven, but it hasn’t been fully embraced by the average household.

Unless you’re trying to do home improvements, that is. If you’re trying to get your living space in top condition a 3D printer can come in pretty handy, and it’s why Lowes is making powerful 3D printing options available for its customers.

Have you ever been shopping for a piece of home decor, and you found the perfect design but it came in the wrong color? What about that time you had a great accessory in your house, but when it broke you found out that the manufacturer stopped making parts for it because of low demand? We’ve all been there, or at least have seen someone walk out of a store because they simply can’t get what they want.

Lowe’s is partnering with Authentise to make sure that never happens to their customers again. The two companies are putting their heads together to add 3D printing to the services customers can expect. So if you really like that shower head, but you need it in purple to match your bathroom decor, you can get it printed right there. If you can’t find a replacement pipe connection in the size you need, they can print you one right on the spot.

On one level this is just common business sense. Lowe’s is seizing onto an emerging technology, and making it available to their customers before the competition does. In a very real sense, though, the home improvement giant is also making 3D printing real for the average person. It’s no longer something that astronauts use in outer space, or a high-tech solution to international manufacturer’s business problems; 3D printing is something anyone can have done at the local home improvement store.

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