3D Printing Creates Epic Batman Costume!

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3D printing technology has come a long way in the past few years. Today it’s used for creating custom-fitted prosthectics, sex toys, armies of miniature figures, and unique film props that would have cost ten times as much to make even a few years ago. Also, 3D printers have finally given us a real-life Batman!

Julian Checkley is an Irish special effects artist, and an avid cosplayer. Inspired by the video game Arkham: Origins he decided to sit down with his own 3D printer to create a hyper-realistic, true-to-game Batman costume.

3D Printed Batman

3D Printed Batman Costume | Julian Checkley

So what does Checkley’s costume have that makes it so unique? Accurate recreation of Batman’s armor dimensions, and utility belt? Check. Folding, throwable batarangs? Check. A working flamethrower? Big check on that one. In short, Checkley has created something that any allez-lurking vigilante would be proud to wear.

Is There Anything 3D Printing Can’t Do?

The list of practical uses of 3D printing grows a little longer every day, and thanks to Checkley we’ve got two new items; movie-quality props, and superheroes. This latest project, while stunning in its own right, also asks an interesting question; how much longer until 3D printers can be found in every home that can afford one?

Who wouldn’t buy one of these if you told them they could be Batman?

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