Will 3D Printing Be the Answer to Our Thirst for Power?

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Humanity has been pursuing a viable, sustainable power source for centuries. People nearly wiped out many forests cutting down trees, only to discover coal and fossil fuels just in time to stop the madness. Now that we’re reaching a point where fossil fuels aren’t sustainable, scientists are looking hard for a new solution. While we have been able to make electricity from the sun for over a century, we haven’t been able to make it cheap, simple, and fast. Not until now anyway.

3D Printing Solar Panels

Wouldn’t it be great if every smartphone came with a simple solar panel on the back that would charge it when you set your phone on the windowsill? Well scientists in Australia may be very close to a commercially viable product that does just that.

What Australian scientists are trying to do is to find an additive manufacturing solution to add solar panels directly to pre-made products. That means if you have electronics like a smartphone, or even an electric car, that the panels are applied to the surface. The same strategy works for rooftop tiles, and if all goes well, for tinted windows as well. By adding these panels into everything that’s being made it means that solar energy can be gathered without taking up any extra room, and that will lead to street-level gains for individuals.

Because 3D printing has made producing these tiny, flexible solar strips so inexpensive it’s likely that the technology will easily move to places that can’t afford more expensive green energy. This includes undeveloped or underdeveloped nations looking for a way to produce power, as well as markets where there’s a demand for solar energy that can’t afford current options.

3D Printed Solar Powered Motors

Youtube member 3D_Printing built two Ez Spin motors featuring five-volt solar panels. Without 3D printing technology he would not have been able to make these motors and he hopes they will run non-stop for 100 years.

I decided it was a safe bet that the sun would be shining for the next 100 years so I might as well capitalize on that free energy source.3D_Printing

So that’s just one more way that 3D printers have revolutionized the world. They recycle, they’ve changed the way we build everything from houses to cars, and now they might solve our energy crisis too.

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