How SexShop3D Is Changing the Sex Toy Industry

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3D printing technology is rapidly changing the way we think about creativity, customization and manufacturing of the things we use every day. Every one of us is unique and has different needs and requirements. 3D modeling gives one the ability to design and easily create objects. Where else could this be more applicable than the sex toy industry? 3D sex toy designs, as available at, offer the freedom and creativity to print your own sex toys, right in the privacy of your home. It could not be easier!

SexShop3D is changing the sex toy industry

SexShop3D is changing the sex toy industry

3D printing is becoming more accessible every day. Just like computers have come down in price while inversely rising in capability, 3D printers are becoming cheaper and capable of more. This great tchnology could not be more suited to the wonderful field of sex toys. It is the future of manufacturing, and part of this future is creating everyday personal objects that reflect the needs, and especially the desires, of the individual. People will no longer have to make do with generic, mass produced objects; they will have the technology and the resources to spice up their love life and bring a little more fun into the bedroom.

At SexShop3D we understand how amazing this field is, and as you can see from our store and blog, we want to be on the cutting edge and bring you amazing products. We offer an extensive line of interesting and enticing products that are not only very affordable, but instantly available. Browse through our list of designs, select one sex toy that you like, and start streaming the file. Once sent to your printer, you only have to wait for the final product to be done and enjoy!

We started this business offering in-house designs only but we figured that one of the greatest aspects of this technology is that there is no limit to imagination. Everything you think of can be turned into a 3D model and printed by SexShop3D’s customers. Then why limit this creativity to our team? Why not open our platform to any 3D designer wo wants to sell his creations with us?

A sex toy marketplace

SexShop3D is a digital marketplace where any designer can become a sex toy creator and sell his creations. More designers mean more products, more sales, and more printing problems. It can be difficult to print sometimes and with more products from different designers this posibility was a big concern for us because our customers’ satisfaction and website experience is our priority.

When taking the responsibility of linking creators to customers we also had to take care of the piracy concerns. Until now, the customer would just download the file after purchase. Where will the file go? Will it be shared? Sold? Stolen? We do our best to protect our content but file piracy is a reality.

Or is it really?

Partnership with Authentise

AuthentiseAuthentise built a technology that optimizes designs and securely streams them to 3D printers. This streaming service monitors production and ensures its quality, offering our customers the best 3D printing experience possible. Although 3D printing is a 30 year old technology, home 3D printing really took off in the last few years with the maker movement driven by hobbyists and the open source philosophy.  We got to the point where designers worry about intellectual property rights and many of them will not share their files due to the risk of theft. Streaming files rather than downloading them is the solution for a sex toy marketplace like us.

3D printing in the sex toy industry was always meant to eliminate the manufacturing step between sellers and consumers. This new economic model of buying digital files instead of finished products and having our sex toys printed before our eyes for a fraction of the cost and time is on its way to change the current industry as we know it.

How much longer will it take? How much better can it get? At the rate we’re going 3D printing your own sex toys will soon be an obvious choice.

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