3D Printing Is Invading High Fashion

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3D printing has started to change many industries in the past few years. So it was inevitable that the technology would invade high fashion. One of the 3D fashion clothing pioneers is Danit Peleg, a student at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel. She spent nine months of research and 2,000 hours printing out her first collection.

Her outfits are made from a filament called FilaFlex and were printed on Witbox home printer units. The material makes clothing out of geometric designs with a bouncy feel to them and somewhat see through.

3D printing has been around the fashion industry for a while, but Peleg’s collection is the first that could be printed out on a home printer. That fact is the key to her breakthrough. 3D printing can bring high fashion style to the masses. For the cost of buying the rights to a design, anyone can print out a dress or other clothing for the cost of material and a little bit of time, about 400 hours a dress.

As 3D technology is refined and printing times begin to come down, the way people approach how they acquire things to wear will start to change.

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