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In our series of introductory interviews with SexShop3D designers, we want to learn the stories of the amazing people who registered as sex toy creators on our platform. Those stories are what shape the artists, and ultimately the sex toys they design. Let’s hear them!

Our first interview is with Peter aka Anigroove. Visit Peter’s shop on SexShop3D.

Hi Peter, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Tell us a bit about yourself and your work. How did you get into 3D design?

After I graduated as “Beeldend Vormgever” at the school of Arts in Maastricht, I worked as an ice-sculptor for 13 years. Meanwhile I was always integrating 2D and 3D computer techniques in my work, always fascinated about the infinite opportunities these techniques have. I created a lot of models for 3D printing, like jewelry. They can be printed in various precious metals. Shapeways is a 3D printing service company I like to use for metal printing. After I backed a Kickstarter project I got my own 3D printer kit to get started. From that moment I can print whatever I create.

How did you hear about and what made you decide to register as a sex toy creator?

Surfing the web, looking for a 3D modeler needed, I landed on I am looking for every opportunity to get into 3D printing and modeling, that made me decide to model some naughty toys. Once started the ideas popped up!

You have a unique touch. Your designs are very artistic in addition to providing sexual pleasure. Where do they come from? What’s the inspiration behind the toy?

As an artist, I’m always looking for estrangement of things.
As a modeler, I’m trying to achieve good 100% printable models.
Form over function: my models do not have to be as functional as the form is more imortant to me. About functionality I would like to learn from buyers who have used them.

And finally, how do you see the future of this concept? Will 3D printing of our own pleasure products change the sex toy industry?

I think it will be a niche , like the “traditional toys” but 3D sex toys are way more accessible this way. And above all, the anonymity is a plus and the 3D printer market is booming.
People have always been creative when it comes to toys. Back in the days housewives knew their way to the greengrocer 🙂

Many thanks to Peter for answering our questions.
Check out his website:

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Tom Sancelot
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Tom Sancelot is a French entrepreneur living in Canada.
Feeling the sex toy industry was bound to change with the growth of 3D printing technology, he launched in 2014. It's been a techy and sexy ride ever since.

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