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In this week’s interview with a designer we are speaking with Peter aka Pierrimus, one of the most prolific artists on our platform. Visit Pierrimus’ shop on SexShop3D.

Hi Pierrimus, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Tell us a bit about yourself and your work. How did you get into 3D design?

Hello, very happy to be here. I’m going to be forty-two soon and a big computer nerd having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Science: Visual Media. I worked as a security officer for nearly a decade, but was let go after having to have a surgery. I had heard of 3D printing a couple of years earlier and it always interested me as an affordable means to bring ideas to life. When I discovered that a local library had  free access to Replicator 2 printers I began to learn all I could to design my own products. I now use a combination of FreeCAD, Blender, and Meshmixer to design these projects.  I have taught an introduction to 3D Printing using FreeCAD class at the aforementioned library. My first project was an antenna topper display that would allow you to show off your collection. Many of my projects are inspired by trying to solve a specific problem, like my neck hair trimmer guide for single people that cut their own hair and want to get a straight line on the nape of the neck. My primary 3D printer is a CTC, which is a Makerbot Replicator clone that can print in ABS. Thus, some of my designs are limited to its build space. I recently joined a new venture where I can post my design rates and 3D Printing services called A tutorial on how I do ABS vapor smoothing will be posted to their Knowledgebase soon. The nice thing about this site is that you can post your services without a fee and it is mostly about connecting providers and customers.

How did you hear about and what made you decide to register as a sex toy creator?

3D Sex Toys by Pierrimus

Selection of 3D Printed Sex Toys by Pierrimus

I first heard of through an article on 3D Printing Industry’s online magazine. One of the ways I began to learn all I could about 3D printing was to subscribe to the online magazine newsletters like them, Make magazine and Originally, I had the idea of selling my sex toy designs to Makerlove so they could distribute them freely, but after about two months of going back and forth with that site’s owner I decided it was dead. The lure of a possible payment for each design was what first prompted me to get creative. As most designers are, we don’t want our designs to go to waste. So I then signed up for so I could begin to post my work here and hope that customers will appreciate them. In a way I look at it as trying to build up my portfolio of designs and perhaps it will lead to commissioned design work in the future.  Yes, I know selling stuff for $1.00-5.00 a pop isn’t going to make me rich quick, it is more about trying to share with the universe and hopefully inject a little spice into your customer’s bedrooms.

Creativity and diversity come to mind when looking at your designs. You make dildos, butt plugs, air dryers etc. Some of them are even inspired by food. Where do they come from? What’s the inspiration behind the toy?

In a way I have always been able to blend both the left and right sides of my brain. Sure I love computers and technology, but I am not so good at the higher math while still being capable of doing things like painting, drawing, and poetry. The food designs just seemed a natural part of adult play and were most likely the very first things the homo sapient species used to pleasure themselves with.  I was fortunate to have access to a Makerbot Digitizer to scan the foods. (A tip for some out there: use a spray of rubbing alcohol and baby powder or other powder to coat your dark items so they will scan decently.)

Male Toy Air Dryer by Pierrimus

Male Toy Air Dryer by Pierrimus

The air dryer for male adult toys was inspired  again by one of my own problems with them: moisture trapped inside would get yucky and stink from bacterial growth. One of my tricks is to keep a notebook beside my bed as the time before falling asleep usually is the most potent when it comes to generating new ideas. Also, this allows me to jot them down so my brain doesn’t keep me awake thinking about them. I have found that just about anything can turn into an inspiration. Sometimes they are rather novelty based ideas. You can probably tell I am a fan of science fiction based on some of the designs, yes I got my geek on, ha ha.  My brother is really into fishing and I was buying some lures when it dawned on me one could be modified to be a vibrator sleeve. (Soon to be posted.) My nipple clips were directly inspired by seeing the Sharkz clips on Thingiverse. I looked at that design and thought “that could be useful”, and began to modify its principle for use here.

Pierrimus Nipple Clips

Pierrimus’ Alligator Nipple Clips

Like others obsessed with 3D printing I try to check out Thingiverse daily to see what new designs have been posted there. I was recently asked to also copy my designs over to Pinshape and have done so. Some days I try to just brainstorm concepts thinking of what else could possibly be a phallic device that could be modified to be turned into a design. When I am brainstorming I am constantly asking, “what if…?” I try not to judge the ideas at first, just jot them down in sketches first. Later I’ll let myself begin the process of deciding whether the idea is a good concept for 3D printing or not. There have been a couple of designs that I thought were cool concepts, but reality made them too difficult to print (usually being some form of support issues or problems getting FreeCAD to build them). One thing I will say is that once the ball gets rolling on ideas they can suddenly flood out of you in creative bursts. So far I haven’t reached the end of this burst and I promise more good things are on their way.

And finally, how do you see the future of this concept? Will 3D printing of our own pleasure products change the sex toy industry?

I firmly believe that 3D printing will be a truly “disruptive” technology (even if that term seems played out by now). Although, we haven’t truly reached the point where people will be able to purchase on-demand distributed manufacturing, we are moving closer to it every day. (I once attempted to purchase a print off 3DHubs for a lady friend in the Philippines. It was a cup holder design off Thingiverse. When I converted the cost from Pesos to US Dollars it was going to cost me nearly $350.00! Ouch, nope.) As more people learn about and purchase 3D Printers we’re going to see an increased move toward purchases of designs and perhaps more orders of designs catered to an individuals needs. One of the great things about 3D printing in the sex toy industry is that if you want you can scale a design up or down to fit your own mood and needs. I, for one, am was also very interested because of the difficulty for private access to these devices. In my region the affordable sex toy shops are part of strip clubs which makes it VERY awkward to purchase there without being seen by someone you know and labeled a pervert. Then there are some of the more discreet high end sex toy shops that literally want to charge an arm and leg for just a small item. They justify their prices because they have to hire security officers and usually are set up in higher scale real estate. I also am very aware, having grown up in the country, that there are entire regions that have none of these types of shops. Many times this is due to social or religious pressures. These people are the ones most likely to turn to the internet to make their purchases, but they also might be afraid of being outed by the local postal person that delivered their packages. Being able to browse and make your own sex toys without this type of stigma or shame will open more people’s lives to the possibilities of sex toys that they have not been able to explore before. Self-manufacturing through 3D printing in the comfort and privacy of your own home will revolutionize the sex toy industry. Just as the music industry has had to adapt to new means of distribution, the sex toy industry will need to adapt to new means of delivering the products customers will demand.

Thank you Peter for talking to us. It was a real pleasure discovering your background and views on 3D printing and design.
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Feeling the sex toy industry was bound to change with the growth of 3D printing technology, he launched in 2014. It's been a techy and sexy ride ever since.

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