Google and Lenovo Announce the First 3D Scanning Smartphone

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As technology advances, we begin to notice new and creative ways to utilize it in our day-to-day lives. SexShop3D has always been aware of this, pioneering new ways to incorporate the sex toy industry with cutting edge 3D printing technology. But that’s barely the beginning; join us as we gear up to explore unique ways to take advantage of emerging technology as Google and Lenovo announced the first 3D scanning smartphone.

Project Tango has been on everybody’s mind for the past year or so, as Johnny Lee heads development production. For those who aren’t aware of the project, it’s a revolutionary technology platform developed by Google to allow mobile devices to take a 3D scan of their surroundings. While this has been on the market for developers for a period of time now, a shocking announcement was made at CES 2016. That the product would be made available to consumers this year. What’s even more shocking is it will be sold for under $500.

3D scanning smartphone

Google and Lenovo Announce the First 3D Scanning Smartphone| Project Tango

The smartphone uses an array of sensors, giving it depth perception, motion tracking, and area learning which allows it the ability to remember places it’s seen before. Since dev kits have been available to developers, there are several apps on the market already, which Johnny Lee previewed at CES 2016. From playing augmented Jenga, refurnishing a kitchen, and making friends with a virtual kitten, the technology is blowing people away. But that’s only the start, and Lenovo and Google are currently hosting a contest for new gaming and utility app ideas, ensuring that by the time the smartphone is released for consumers there will be a plethora of new apps on the market.

Augmented reality, 3D mapping, and 3D printing will intersect more and more in the coming years, and the technology boom is far from over. We at SexShop3D begin to understand what this can mean for the adult industry, so contact us and tell us what kind of apps you’d like to see developed and what you think the future has in store.

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