How the Adult Industry Influences Technology

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The adult entertainment industry is worth billions of dollars in the United States, and untold larger amounts than that around the world. From sex toys and bedroom aids, to webcam sites, adult film, and nightclubs, adult entertainment is a booming business. What you might not know, though, is that it’s also one of the biggest drivers of technology. Anytime there’s something experimental on the market, the adult industry helps it go mainstream.

How the Adult Industry Influences Technology

New technology needs a patron to go mainstream, and time after time that patron has been the adult entertainment industry. For example, who would want a high-definition digital camera that allowed you to shoot and edit both still images and videos without the muss, fuss, and cost of film? You guessed it, the adult entertainment industry. This industry is directly responsible for adopting digital photography and video, and ushering out the era of older cameras.

Which is sort of ironic, because the adult entertainment industry was also largely responsible for VHS tapes and home film cameras as well. While Hollywood had been using film to record movies for decades, the idea of smaller, cheaper cameras one could make home movies with appealed to pornographers. And so did the idea of being able to watch movies at home instead of in a cinema. In a way, it’s also thanks to porn that we have a home entertainment industry at all. The adult entertainment industry also pioneered the ability to buy things online. The industry helped create streaming video, as well. Why? Because while all of these things have uses outside of adult entertainment, no one else was willing to help fund them until they became mainstream.

There has been a lot of buzz recently around virtual reality with the arrival of Occulus Rift and, you guessed it, porn is already deciding VR’s future! And, if we’ve learned anything about human development, it’s that as soon as we come up with a revolutionary idea, the first thing we want to know is how we can use it to better our own sex lives.

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