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Did you miss our series of interviews with designers? We sure did!
Today we are speaking with Boris van Galvin, a sex toy designer with a distinctive touch. Some people call him the Mad Scientist, discover why in our interview. Visit Boris van Galvin’s shop on SexShop3D.

Vibrating Saddle and Wobbler by Boris van Galvin

Hello Boris, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Tell us a bit about yourself and your work. How did you get into 3D design?

Hi Tom, I was trained as a jeweler and from a young age was into electronics. I started making Steampunk styled art work and gradually became known as a bit of an evil genius for my creations because they usually incorporated some form of high voltage device.

One of the things I had was a vintage electro therapy unit  that was made in around 1908 and would often take this to parties and shock people. A good friend suggested I go to one of the fetish balls and purchased tickets for my birthday. I wore my mad scientist outfit and took one of the electro units and had a line of about 40 or so people wanting to try it out. The person who ran the  event then asked me if I would come back and do a show the next year and I have done ever event since then.

My collection now consists of around 30 vintage devices dating back to as early as the 1860’s some were used to cure women’s Hysteria others are  home medical devices.

How did you learn about and what made you decide to register as a sex toy designer?

I was searching a website called that I am a member of. One of the groups there is for creators of devices and someone had posted a link to your website. Many of the newer devices I make involve 3D printing and I decided that was a great place top share some of the inventions and devices, and allow others to print and enjoy them.

Your toys are very sophisticated: they have screw, attachments, motors, etc. You often have to 3D print several parts and follow instructions. Where does the inspiration come from? Are you a mad inventor?

Yes, many of the toys I make are quite complex and usually have multiple parts but I try to keep them as simple as I can so that others can build them. Often if someone is having issues with an aspect of a design I am prety quick to respond with advice as to how to go about sorting the problem out. Or if someone is unable to obtain other parts I have no issues putting a package together to ship to them or just pint them in the right place to source their own parts. Much of what I make incorporate motors as I like to see things move. 😊

Inspiration usually comes from the will to create, my interest in the human body plays a bit of a role and I guess in a way I have a fetish for creating orgasms.  I may have a slight sadistic streak in terms of the BDSM world but most of what I do is more along the lines of sensation play and bringing a person to  the point where they are enjoying a new experience.

Mad Inventor? well you know what they say: If the straight jacket fits, wear it.  I think people tend to refer to me more as the Mad Scientist as there is more research and development that goes in to the things I create than just sitting there creating something. It is however a lot harder finding an endless supply of test subjects these days.

And finally, how do you see the future of this concept? Will 3D printing of our own products change the sex toy industry?

I would eventually like to obtain a real job in the sex toy industry, mostly in in the design side of things. For now I am happy custom making toys for people and coming up with new ways to create some unique sensations.

3D printing for me just added another level of creativity and the ability to make things that were not previously possible. I have a small CNC machine, Lathe and quite a few other tools in my home workshop.

I think in some ways the sex toy industry has already started changing. You can download a design, print it and use it faster than most online stores can ship it. In addition you can adjust a design to suit your own needs. Let’s face it, not all penises and vaginas were built the same and not everyone enjoys the same things.

Any project we could be interested in?

At the moment I am working on two new projects. One is a reciprocating fucking machine that has a stepper motor and a few other parts. Most of the unit is 3D printed. The other unit is a smaller handheld unit that is intended to either connect to a cordless drill or have a motor attached to it. This is again a reciprocating device and is intended to be an alternative to a Fuck Saw.

As I said above if people have issues with sourcing the mechanical parts I am more than happy to either point you in the direction or put together a parts pack and ship it to you. The same goes for any of the electronics components and firmware.

Much of the time I can be found lurking on either under the-kinkineer or on facebook as Boris van Galvin. Feel free to friend me there.

Thank you so much Boris for speaking with us. We hope you enjoyed the interview as much as we did. We got to learn about his background and his world, it was very interesting … and mad! See you soon.

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