Home Construction May Become One of the Top Uses of 3D Printing

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One of the top uses of 3D printing in the future may be the construction of homes. A San Francisco company called Apis Cor printed a small 400 square-foot home at its facility using concrete as a building material in a single day. Fixtures such as windows were added after the construction was completed. The total cost for the tiny home was $10,131. The house consists of a living room, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. The company claims that the home would last 175 years because of the durability of its building materials.

The small house was 3D printed in a day.

400 square feet would be considered tiny even for a single-occupancy apartment. But the cost, less than even a compact car, cannot be beaten. The Apis Cors home would seem to be the ultimate in low-income housing, able to provide all of the necessities of living for a single person or even a couple not shy about being cozy. The technology could be used in the developing world or in economically depressed areas in Western countries.

Of course, no reason exists that the same technology cannot be used to print a larger home, something that can contain a small family, for instance. Several of the houses stacked together would constitute an instant apartment building.

The Apis Cors home was not the first 3D printed home. The tiny house was the first one that was completed entirely on site. Typically, past 3D homes had component parts printed at a different facility and were assembled at the home site. The ability to put together a house on site will cut costs and construction time appreciably.

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