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In this week’s interview we are meeting with a designer couple, Riley & Ellie. They have been uploading models to the website since september 2016 and we love their creations so much that we think it’s about time we sit down and get to know them better. Visit Riley & Ellie’s shop on SexShop3D.

Hello Riley & Ellie, thank you for chatting with us today. Tell us a bit about yourself and your work. How did you get into 3D design?

Hi Tom, thanks for having us. We’re totally excited to be part of SexShop3D. We’re both designers, artists, and 3D printing addicts. Our original designs focus on human factors such as forms, touch, comfort, and well-being. We believe that designs for 3D printing should be satisfying and sexy, both visually and in their application. 3D design provides us with a way to explore these possibilities.

How did you learn about and what made you decide to register as a sex toy creator?

We scouted different sites in search of a user friendly platform where we could share our designs. One of our main requirements was being able to contribute to a growing community of users, designers, innovators, and 3D printing fans like ourselves. We’re happy that SexShop3D provides a forward-thinking platform that meets this criteria.

Designs are simple and elegant.

You are mainly designing dildos and plugs, and you recently started to give them a “fantasy” touch with the Demon and Dragon Dick. How do you approach sex toy design? What is your creative process like?

Our main focus is on contour and shape. We start with a theme and explore its potential from different angles until our design is visually striking as well as feasible and functional. We strive to design toys that conform to the body, inspire excitement, and stimulate mind and body in a very personal way. We really want our fans to love printing our designs and safely enjoy them to the fullest. This is a very thrilling process for us.

Demon Dick and Dragon Dick by Riley & Ellie

The Demon and Dragon Dick follow this same philosophy. Both are stunning to look at and highly stimulating mentally and physically. There’s something magical and sexy about 3D printing your own toy. We want to contribute to this experience with our designs.

And finally, how do you see the future of this concept? Will 3D printing of our own products change the sex toy industry?

Being able to download and 3D print toys in the comfort of your own space is not only a novel concept but so much fun and exciting. Sexual wellness is very personal and 3D printing at home naturally facilitates this idea. As platforms evolve this experience will more streamlined so that anyone even without a 3D printer can customize a toy online and order it printed and delivered at home. The sex toy industry will need to adapt and evolve as well. At the moment most products take a long time to materialize from concept into a product that can be delivered. 3D printing shortens the production cycle dramatically. As designers we are happy to be part of this movement.

Riley & Ellie

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