The Top Uses of 3D Printing in the News

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It’s true that the sex toy industry is making waves with the use of 3D printing. However, it’s only one part of a wide range of other industries making great strides with its use. Taking an idea that sounds like it would be in a science-fiction movie and bringing it to life, 3D printers are now an incredible element of technology that are sure to change the shape of the future. Here are some of the top uses of 3D printing in the news:

Physics education

Dr. Steven Sahyun, a physics professor, currently uses 3D printing as a way to create models used for learning. The students who benefit are visually disabled. Because of the limitations that visual impairements have on learning, he is using 3D printing to create models of objects, such as light bulbs, so that the students can better understand the physics concepts. Some of these will include braille lettering to make it easier to learn.


In Cincinnati, high school and college students are using 3D printing to help disadvantaged kids in their community. For the last couple of years, they have been creating prosthetic hands for kids who need them. Costing about $20 each (compared to thousands of dollars for professionally made prosthetic hands), they are affordable and only take about a week to make. They also use other items, like twine and elastic, so that the fingers are able to flex. While they aren’t the same as the professionally made ones, the hands that these students are creating with 3D printers are making an enormous difference in the lives of the kids who receive them.

Automotive industry

Several companies in the automotive industry are hopping on the 3D printing band-wagon. For some, it was a form of technology already in use for creating prototypes. But now, it’s beginning to play a bigger role. From building the frame of a carto creating molds for parts, advancements in 3D printing are sure to propel the automotive industry in new directions. Michelin has even developed its own 3D printer to create one-of-a kind tire molds.

Searching the Internet, it’s pretty incredible to see all of the ways 3D printing is having an impact. Science, education, and industry, all seem to have found ways to incorporate its use to better what they do.

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