About SexShop3D.com

SexShop3D.com is a marketplace where customers can purchase 3D sex toy designs to print at home using a 3D printer. Designers can register and start selling their creations with our commission-based system. We believe 3D printing technology is no longer used by manufacturing and industrial corporations only. A price drop combined with continuous improvements in printing accuracy, speed and materials makes it affordable to be used by everyday consumers. And sex toys are one of many things people want to print.

Using SexShop3D.com is very easy. Browse our store and add the sex toys you want to print to your cart. Checkout using PayPal. You can download the file or install the Authentise streaming app. We partnered with Authentise to offer our customers a flawless 3D printing experience. Their technology optimizes designs and streams them directly to the customer’s printer, monitoring production and ensuring its quality.

Any question?

If you want to learn more about 3D printed sex toys, please contact us.