double butt plug


A double ridged butt plug for all of your wills and desires. Fully equipped with two 4 cm bulbs for maximum pleasure and a smooth transition from the tip for painless anal insertion. Comes also with a ring at the bottom for ease of grip and so it wont get …

The Beginner Plug


This is a small, beginner level plug. Use it to train. The small length and discrete shape make is suitable for daily use. Dimensions: Length: 10 cm Width: 4.5 cm (maximum)

The Rabbit Lair


The Rabbit Lair is a chastity device for men or women, offering great pleasure and safety of use, allowing it to be worn every day with incomparable comfort and hygiene. Can be fixed to a normal belt with elastic bands or ropes. Can be combined (for man usage) with Bad …

Little Man M1


The little man is a dildo with personality. Customize him, paint his face….and PLAY ON. Warning : Always use condom or appropriate coating. Dimensions: Diameter: 5 cm Length: 14 cm

Almost Faberge Butt Plug


This is my first designed of a butt plug. Hope you like & enjoy it. Like with a dildo seal it before use. Dimensions: Look at the picture for dimensions

Viper Mold

Riley & Ellie

Incredible detail showcasing a beautiful piercing head, scaled shaft, satisfying ridges and bumps sure to give you a thrilling ride. Dimensions: ♥ Resize according to your needs. ♥ Print 1 mold piece in normal and 1 mold piece in mirror. Both pieces fit together. ♥ Use pilot holes to align …

The Screwdriver


This is a fun product, always ready to produce pleasure in unexpected ways. Twist it, pound it, or even use it as a plug, this toy will never stop surprising you! – Always remember to coat your 3d-printed toys with the recommended resin spray or use condoms on it. Dimensions: …

Penis gag

Black Foxx

This is like a ball gag, but even better! There are two versions: for use with a strap (it has rectangular channel) or with the rope (circular channel. It’s best to print it with rubber. Cannot be printed without supports. Dimensions: By default it’s pretty big, about 40mm in diameter …

Ball Ring


This is a simple ball ring. To put it on use 4 M4x16 Allencap screws (for changes of thread just ask) Dimensions: inner diameter 30mm outer diameter 50mm hight 25mm