Addictive Butt Plug

Riley & Ellie

Designed for deep stimulation of the sphincters.

This intense plug brings out the paradoxical in-out response where your sphincters will seem to be pulling in and pushing out at the same time causing super powerful mind-blowing pleasure.

Insert the angled tip pointing towards your back for maximum effect as this plug is anatomically designed to fit the contour of your body.

The lower node will stimulate the lower sphincter close to the opening while the angled nodes will be pulled in by the higher sphincters.

Work out your PC muscles slowly and flex tightly when your pleasure intensifies.

Feel your body wrap around and hold on to each thrilling sensation as you release yourself into intense and addictive body-shaking orgasms.

Give yourself a well deserved treat with this gorgeous plug!

♥ Scale to any size as needed before printing.

♥ Please seal your 3d printed toy before use!

♥ Condom or Z-Poxy coating recommended.