Boris’s High Powered Magic Wand

Boris van Galvin

After Hitachi stopped producing their wand and I ended up repairing quite a few of the cheap knockoffs I decided to design and build my own version. Here is the new 3D printed casing, Later on I may add the source code and the wiring diagram etc or you can hit me up directly for these.

In short the wand is designed to take a standard EMAX CF2822 Brushless DC motor with a Brushless ESC conected to an arduino, The holes in the top are for the POT to control the speed, the arming LED and a 3 position switch that will allow you to create and select several modes.
I make a small offset counterbalance from brass however a simple way is also to use a large NUTT with a hole in the side and an M3 screw threaded in to hold it on to the shaft.

The motor being a brushless DC should last a lot longer than any brushed type motor and if you tune the controller you can reduce the power consumption and the ramping speed.

I have added the STL for the silicone shaft so it could be printed from TPS, Also included is the 3D printable split mold for casting the flexible shaft in silicone.

The unit is about 210mm long when constructed, the body has been designed to fit most printers and is best printed in ABS however I have found the head seems to work better when printed in PLA.