Toy King

A strapless strapon dildo for your enjoyment. Scale as desired. Enjoy! Tip: for a more flexible strapon, print, then make a mold using alginate, and cast in sex-safe silicone. Dimensions: Total length – 235mm Max width – 36mm Insertable width – 36mm


ace rimmer

Leave an impression of your love. Handle is shaped so you can rest it somewhere while relaxing your hand. Dimensions: Overall length is 29cm


ace rimmer

The SlapHappy sure will leave an impression! The perfect gift for those who’ve been naughty. Comes with a practical handle so that you can place it somewhere while you relax your tired hand. Dimensions: Overall length is 29cm

Dick-like anal shower

Black Foxx

This enema nozzle styled as dick with balls and big head has standard 1/2 thread, so it can be easily mounted on the hose instead of usual shower head. Be careful: due to the presence of thread in the model it’s not scalable! Ask me if you need different size. …

Packing Dildo

Riley & Ellie

Pack it in your underwear and enjoy the look of this impressive bulge. Now that’s a nice package! Cup design for added comfort and light weight. Dimensions: ♥ Scale to any size as needed before printing. ♥ Print on a raft for good adhesion.



ONLY ON ” SEX SHOP 3D ” New perspective SEX KING TOY. “BETWEEN EYES” Using this toy, You will have a completely new type of experience during sex. The toy is designed to stimulate visual stimuli and gives a user whole new perspective how to enjoy in the sex games. …

Double Cock Strap-On


Designed by an ftm man to strap on and work just like a classic strap on with some great extras – Bullet hole: This design has a build in hole that a bullet can be placed into to make this cock feel unbelievably connected to you. – Double points: Who …

Dildo Attachment

Boris van Galvin

These are used for standard dildos to attach them to machines, reciprocating saws etc. When printing this I would suggest making the part with the bolt holes as solid as possible, if you are using a tang for a reciprocating saw the holes take hex bolts and put a loick …

Lubricant injector


Lubricant injector to prepare your partner before playing. Fill the tube with your favorite lubricant. Push the piston while you insert the syringe. Dimensions: With : 2cm Insertable length : 10cm

Pig Nose


File: Pig Nose.STL Name: Pig Nose PLA Material: 7.13 grams ( 0.016 lbs) Infill = 10% Size: 30.96 mm (1.22″) x 37.76 mm (1.49″) x 29.21 mm (1.15″) Resolution: 0.20mm Layers: 148 layers Rafts: Yes Supports: No Print Time: 0 hr 56 min Function: This prints a pig nose for …