4cm (1,3 inchs) anal bead

Morgane Alinai

4cm is a good size for anal play… If you have some experience… You may also make 2 beads and use it as Ben Wa balls for vaginal play. Always use a little cord to facilite removal. Dimensions: – Diameter : 1 inch 2/3 (4cm) – Hole : 1/5 inch …

Long anal beads dildo


Wonderful anal training tool. You’ll love the never ending serial of pearls. Very safe and easy to use due to its ring. Dimensions: Max width : 5cm Length : 40cm Insertable length : 31cm

Anal Beads Dildo


Wonderfull anal training dildo. You’ll love the never ending serial of pearls. Very safe and easy to use due to its ring Use a condom or polish it for better sensations. Dimensions: Length : 33cm Insertable length : 23cm Max Width : 5cm Feel free to scale depending to your …

GREEN Hearts

ace rimmer

The Hearts from the GREEN series is a double ended anal toy that offers one smooth and a textured end for two very different experiences. The textured end comes with a lot of hearts and the smooth end is slightly egg shaped for easier insertion. For him or her, enjoy …

BLUE Teardrop

ace rimmer

The Teardrop of the BLUE series comes with small beads at one end and a big tear on the other, both ends offer very different sensations. Enjoy alone or even better in company! Dimensions: Length is 22,5 cm and the diametre varies from 0,5cm to 4,5cm

GOLD Ballz

ace rimmer

The Ballz of the GOLD series is a classic anal toy with several alined spheres and the first one being the biggest of them. Comes with an attached ring for a firm grip. Enjoy alone or in company! Dimensions: 19cm length and 3cm at the widest spot

Anal Beads


Material: PLA – 22.65 grams ( 0.05 lbs) Resolution: 0.20mm Layers: 129 layers Rafts: Yes Supports: No Print Time: 2 hr 25 min Function: Prints 1:1 as four 25.4 mm (1″) balls with press fit string retention pieces and a pull ring. Use a 685 mm (27″) string with these …

Anal BALLS for max pleasure !!


Anal BALLS for max pleasure !! ( download ) ( open file ) ( adjust size on printbed to your needs ) ( slice ) ( print) ( sand smooth ) ( loop 😛 ) AND ENJOY Dimensions: AS LARGE AS YOU CAN PRINT THEM