Basic Ribbed Dildo


Just a basic ribbed dildo comes with 3 STL files for Dildo and mold larger printer may be needed mold has a single notch for easy line up best held together with clamps before filling. Dimensions: Dildo 216mm high 76mm at base 50mm diameter head 45 mm ribs mold halves …

Hercules Dildo/Mold


No longer a mere legend, the Hercules is here to provide a new level of personal pleasure. Available as both a printable model and mold to provide you with maximum customization. Use the mold and your choice of silicone rubber to bring the Hercules to life for the most realistic …


Riley & Ellie

Incredible detail showcasing a beautiful piercing head, scaled shaft, satisfying ridges and bumps sure to give you a thrilling ride. This Viper is exotic, venomous, and lethal. Will you succumb and submit under its power? Dimensions: ♥ Scale to any size as needed before printing. ♥ Please seal your 3d …


Riley & Ellie

The Reptilian is dominant and powerful with gorgeous detail all around. Its beautiful smooth pointed head will open you up to stimulating ridges and textures that follow down its thick shaft worthy of fantasy wet dreams. Finish off with its generous sturdy base designed for crazy powerful Reptilian action! Dimensions: …

Mold for The Bubbly One


The Bubbly One. Hmmm, The only thing i can say about the bubbly is: HAVE FUN! LOL Just kidding. A request from the hostess. If i wanted to make a mold for the bubbly one. This model you can make in different states. The original i made with 8 M3x12 …

Ripped Ball Dildo


Proportioned to be scaled up or down to your comfort. Please seal your 3d printed toy before use! Condom or epoxy coating Z-poxy is a fav . Dimensions: 40mm ball 35mm rips and 30mm shaft 150mm length

Mold Delta Dildo


Is the mold for the DELTA DILDO. It’s easy to create your toy as often as you want and with the material you want. Delta Dildo link: HAVE FUN !! Dimensions: Dimensions Dildo: Height: 20cm Maximum thickness: 4 cm Minimum Thickness: 2.5 cm Size of each mold: Height: 21cm …

Straight Cock

Riley & Ellie

Long and straight. Realistic curve to keep you thrusting hard. Beautiful head and shaft with veins for extra stimulation. Dimensions: ♥ Scale to any size as needed before printing. ♥ Please seal your 3d printed toy before use! ♥ Condom or Z-Poxy coating recommended.



ONLY ON ” SEX SHOP 3D ” New perspective SEX KING TOY. “BETWEEN EYES” Using this toy, You will have a completely new type of experience during sex. The toy is designed to stimulate visual stimuli and gives a user whole new perspective how to enjoy in the sex games. …



Enjoy in pleasure with the DILDO+OD 7.5 Inch. Abstract art form for unique sex filling. Very Soon – Mold for this type of product. Best SEX KING Dimensions: Length: 7.9 inches,  Oring diameter: 2.56 inches