Ice Cream Anybody?


Someone asked me if i could design a dildo in spiral form. So for the fun of it i created this spiral form ice cream dildo. To be honest i made this for shits and giggles. But the person loved the idea and model. You can scale it to your …

Curved Dildo


Simple curved dildo. Scale to fit smaller print beds. Dimensions: Length = 200mm Thickness = 40mm

Little Man M1


The little man is a dildo with personality. Customize him, paint his face….and PLAY ON. Warning : Always use condom or appropriate coating. Dimensions: Diameter: 5 cm Length: 14 cm

Viper Mold

Riley & Ellie

Incredible detail showcasing a beautiful piercing head, scaled shaft, satisfying ridges and bumps sure to give you a thrilling ride. Dimensions: ♥ Resize according to your needs. ♥ Print 1 mold piece in normal and 1 mold piece in mirror. Both pieces fit together. ♥ Use pilot holes to align …

The Screwdriver


This is a fun product, always ready to produce pleasure in unexpected ways. Twist it, pound it, or even use it as a plug, this toy will never stop surprising you! – Always remember to coat your 3d-printed toys with the recommended resin spray or use condoms on it. Dimensions: …

3D printed Ben Wa balls (4cm / 1,3 inchs)

Morgane Alinai

These are Ben Wa Balls for sex play or exercice. Diameter is 1 inch 2/3 (4cm), it is generally a good size for vaginal use. It is also nice for anal use with a little experience. It is recommanded to use it with a little cord to facilitate the dildo …

My First Love


This lovely and sweet dildo is the perfect toy for beginners. It’s small dimensions will encourage specially shy ladies 😉 Dimensions: Height: 160 mm Width: 88 mm Insertion diameter: 30 mm

King Dick

Toy King

A realistic dildo with balls for easy handling. Scale as desired. Enjoy! Dimensions: Total length – 240mm Max width – 87mm Insertable width – 46mm


Toy King

G-spot massager with thick head, and curves for easy handling. Scale as desired. Enjoy! Dimensions: Total length – 240mm Max width – 42mm Insertable width – 42mm