The Demogorgon

ace rimmer

A stranger thing… heavily textured on the inside to bring you into the netherrealm of pleasure. A softer silicone is recommended for casting these. This set contains all files nescessary to create a mold to cast the silicone part and a cup that will give you grip and stability. Use …

Realistic Vagina


Experience the sensations of a sculpted female body designed to hug you in all the right ways. The interior has nibs built into it with well placed ridges to provide you with the sensation of being with a real woman. It is also curved at the end to help stimulate …

Stealth Basic Mold


*Files Updated 6/20/17* This includes all the parts needed to create the Stealth Basic from silicone or other soft moldable materials. The Stealth Basic begins with a tight, ridged, entrance that then alternates between tight and loose areas. Strategically placed ridges offer maximum enjoyment during use. Files can be scaled …

Realistic Vagina 2

Aydin Noori

Hi Dear, You can take medical grade silicone shore 0 to 5 extra soft in this mold and now you have realistic vagina adult toy. Thanks. Dimensions: 190 mm 80 mm mold

Realistic Vagina

Aydin Noori

Hi dear, Print mold and take medical silicone shore 0to5 extra soft in mold and you have realistic vagina adult toy. Mix with cosmetic paint. Thanks. Dimensions: 190 mm 80 mm mold size


ace rimmer

The Mast3 imitates the human mouth, with teeth, tongue and a narrow throat. The sensation is different dependign on the way you hold it. Cast in very soft silicone for the best result. Enjoy alone or in company! Dimensions: Total length is about 25cm and the inner radius around 2 …


ace rimmer

This mold comes with everything you need to create 10 different Mast Sextoys. Change the inner insert and use the same mold to create another toy with a completely different feel. The set includes the outer mold, the cup and 10 different inserts, all you need for the creation of …

Tittyfucker’s friend

Black Foxx

This nice masturbator is designed especially for titty-fuck lovers. Now available with 4 different nipples size! It should be printed with a very soft rubber filament. You can choose it’s softness by manipulating infill density. No supports needed. Dimensions: about 200x100x100mm, but feel free to scale it


ace rimmer

A male masturbator offering two different holes, one resembling a vagina and the other one an anus. The inside is heavily textured and gets wider and narrower in different spots, the experience is quite different depending on the way you hold it around and of course which hole you use. …

Mast2 mold

ace rimmer

The mold for the Mast2! This male masturbator offers two different holes to enjoy alone or in company. A softer silicone is recommended. Depending on the way you hold it or which hole you use the experience can be quite different, experimenting encouraged! Dimensions: Total mold length is 28 cm