Hercules Dildo/Mold


No longer a mere legend, the Hercules is here to provide a new level of personal pleasure. Available as both a printable model and mold to provide you with maximum customization. Use the mold and your choice of silicone rubber to bring the Hercules to life for the most realistic …

Mold for The Bubbly One


The Bubbly One. Hmmm, The only thing i can say about the bubbly is: HAVE FUN! LOL Just kidding. A request from the hostess. If i wanted to make a mold for the bubbly one. This model you can make in different states. The original i made with 8 M3x12 …

Mold Delta Dildo


Is the mold for the DELTA DILDO. It’s easy to create your toy as often as you want and with the material you want. Delta Dildo link: https://sexshop3d.com/products/delta-dildo/ HAVE FUN !! Dimensions: Dimensions Dildo: Height: 20cm Maximum thickness: 4 cm Minimum Thickness: 2.5 cm Size of each mold: Height: 21cm …

Mold for the Bishop V1


My english is good but not super, so bare with me! Some time ago I was approached by a woman who organizes dildo parties (like Tupperware parties) and gives dildo workshops, mostly for bachelorette parties for woman She asked me if I would be interested in making a mold of …

Stealth Basic Mold


*Files Updated 6/20/17* This includes all the parts needed to create the Stealth Basic from silicone or other soft moldable materials. The Stealth Basic begins with a tight, ridged, entrance that then alternates between tight and loose areas. Strategically placed ridges offer maximum enjoyment during use. Files can be scaled …

Realistic Vagina 2

Aydin Noori

Hi Dear, You can take medical grade silicone shore 0 to 5 extra soft in this mold and now you have realistic vagina adult toy. Thanks. Dimensions: 190 mm 80 mm mold

Realistic Vagina

Aydin Noori

Hi dear, Print mold and take medical silicone shore 0to5 extra soft in mold and you have realistic vagina adult toy. Mix with cosmetic paint. Thanks. Dimensions: 190 mm 80 mm mold size

Vibrating Cock Ring Mold


This is a mold to cast a vibrating ring. Just insert a standard vibrating bullet with 1.7cm diameter and enjoy. The plug is tapered off to one end. The inner diameter of the vibrating bullet insert is 1.4cm so that it fits snug into place. Download and print in 0.1 …


ace rimmer

This mold comes with everything you need to create 10 different Mast Sextoys. Change the inner insert and use the same mold to create another toy with a completely different feel. The set includes the outer mold, the cup and 10 different inserts, all you need for the creation of …

Mast2 mold

ace rimmer

The mold for the Mast2! This male masturbator offers two different holes to enjoy alone or in company. A softer silicone is recommended. Depending on the way you hold it or which hole you use the experience can be quite different, experimenting encouraged! Dimensions: Total mold length is 28 cm