The Demogorgon

ace rimmer

A stranger thing… heavily textured on the inside to bring you into the netherrealm of pleasure. A softer silicone is recommended for casting these. This set contains all files nescessary to create a mold to cast the silicone part and a cup that will give you grip and stability. Use …

anal toy mold

Shape Master

mold for casting silicone anal toy. fill port and vents are included Dimensions: toy is 3.5″ long

The Original Long John


This mold should produce a Long John that is about 31mm (1.25in) in diameter and about 210mm (8.4in) long if filled right up to the top. the best way to print this should be laying down, the lower the z height while printing the smoother the mold will turn out. …

Longclaw Dildo / Mould


“It’s my father’s sword, and his father before him. The Mormonts have carried it for five centuries. It was meant for my son, Jorah. He brought dishonor to our House… but he had the grace to leave the sword before he fled from Westeros.” ―Lord Commander Jeor Mormont Get yourself …

Basic Ribbed Dildo


Just a basic ribbed dildo comes with 3 STL files for Dildo and mold larger printer may be needed mold has a single notch for easy line up best held together with clamps before filling. Dimensions: Dildo 216mm high 76mm at base 50mm diameter head 45 mm ribs mold halves …

Cock Ring mold kit


This is the ultimate cock ring mold kit. – Includes simple 3 part mold and instructions. – Includes extra insert to use as a ball stretcher as well. – Kit prints without support – Instructions include links to recommended 2 part silicone I hope you’ve used a cock ring at …

Hercules Dildo/Mold


No longer a mere legend, the Hercules is here to provide a new level of personal pleasure. Available as both a printable model and mold to provide you with maximum customization. Use the mold and your choice of silicone rubber to bring the Hercules to life for the most realistic …

Mold for The Bubbly One


The Bubbly One. Hmmm, The only thing i can say about the bubbly is: HAVE FUN! LOL Just kidding. A request from the hostess. If i wanted to make a mold for the bubbly one. This model you can make in different states. The original i made with 8 M3x12 …

Mold Delta Dildo


Is the mold for the DELTA DILDO. It’s easy to create your toy as often as you want and with the material you want. Delta Dildo link: HAVE FUN !! Look at my products —> Dimensions: Dimensions Dildo: Height: 20cm Maximum thickness: 4 cm Minimum Thickness: 2.5 cm …

Mold for the Bishop V1


My english is good but not super, so bare with me! Some time ago I was approached by a woman who organizes dildo parties (like Tupperware parties) and gives dildo workshops, mostly for bachelorette parties for woman She asked me if I would be interested in making a mold of …