Corkd – your perfect secret butt plug (looks like a wine bottle stopper) ;)


Corkd is your perfect secret butt plug. To the untrained eye, Corkd looks like a wine bottle stopper. In fact the main insertable section will fit perfectly into the neck of a standard wine bottle (Corkd has a tapered section ending at a diameter of 20mm)

Of course, if you can take it, you should insert the spherical section too, a pleasurable 40mm in diameter. The curved handle helps you position the plug and forcefully insert into you.
The curved handle of Corkd is also designed to perfectly fit the curve of your ass. The handle will sit beautifully between your ass cheeks so you can wear this all day, secretly under your clothes.

Send this to your local 3D printer and you’re ordering a wine bottle stopper, get it home and lube up, you’re gonna have some Corkd fun.

Always remember to coat models after 3D printing as described on the site.

Corkd is scaleable for if you’re tighter, or can take bigger 😉

Have fun, get Corkd

130mm Total Length
100mm Insertable Length
40mm diameter insertable Sphere
20mm diameter before insertable Sphere