Dick-like anal shower

Black Foxx

This enema nozzle styled as dick with balls and big head has standard 1/2 thread, so it can be easily mounted on the hose instead of usual shower head. Be careful: due to the presence of thread in the model it’s not scalable! Ask me if you need different size. Can be printed without supports in vertical position. Use skirt or raft as adhesion, due to very small contact surface.

IMPORTANT! You should try first printing threaded part only (just stop printing after first 16mm or so) and check if your thread fits perfectly to your hose. If your printer is not perfectly tuned and you experiencing difficulties with the thread diameter you can try to scaling model a bit by X and Y axes. Leave Z unscaled, so the thread step remain unchanged.

20cm total, 16cm insertable, 2cm max diameter. Feel free to contact me if you need other size.