Drake The Canine Dragon Hybrid


This is a hybrid of dragon and canine in the best way, its 5 inches long and 1.7 inches wide with smooth ridges and bumps that your sure to feel.
Larger versions can be made if wanted.
print with .1(recommended) or .2 resolution
no support needed and can be made on any desktop printer that can print things over 5 inches tall
smooth bumps and ridges are easy to sand down with no problem
it is still recommended to use a con-formal coating of some sort before use.

print time is dependent on printer and its resolution.
I made one of these on a delta Anycubic linear pulley printer at .2 resolution in 3hrs
and then coated mine in Plastidip
(note this is not a recommendation use at own risk as some con-formal coatings are toxic)

shaft is 5 inches
knot is 1.7 inches X-axis and 1.5 inches Y-axis