File: Flogger.STL
Name: Flogger – Cat ‘o Eight Tails – Notes
Material: 23.88 grams ( 0.053 lbs) – Infill = 12%
Size: 129.2 mm (5.087″) x 38.66 mm (1.522″) x 16.51 mm (0.650″)
Resolution: 0.20mm
Layers: 89 layers Rafts: Yes Supports: No
Print Time: 2 hr 21 min
Function: If printed 1:1, this produces a Cat ‘o Eight tails handle, keeper, and eight small balls (eight because nine is an odd number and I wanted to use 4 strings to attach the eight balls. The strings should be about 600mm (24″) so the balls will be 300mm (12″) away from the handle.
Tags: Flogger, Cat, Eight, Nine, Tails, Flog

129.2 mm (5.087″) x 38.66 mm (1.522″) x 16.51 mm (0.650″)

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