Hercules Dildo/Mold


No longer a mere legend, the Hercules is here to provide a new level of personal pleasure.

Available as both a printable model and mold to provide you with maximum customization. Use the mold and your choice of silicone rubber to bring the Hercules to life for the most realistic experience. You can also print the model and coat with your choice of skin-safe material to make the Hercules rock hard.

Create an ejaculating dildo with ease by attaching a small medical hose to the bottom of the mold and feed it through the top before pouring the silicone. This hose can then be hooked up to a storage container to be filled with the Nectar of the Gods.

Too big? Too small?
Simply adjust the scale of the Hercules before printing to whatever satisfies your desires.

Default Measurements:
7.5″ Insertable Length
5.5″ to 6″ Girth

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