Intense Prostate Massager

Riley & Ellie

Experience intense prostate stimulation and multiple full-body orgasms.

Just like our Stealth model, the P-gasm is designed to stimulate both external and internal sphincters and prostate as you train and condition yourself to experience multiple orgasms.

It takes some patience so relaxation is key!

Instructions (Please read and re-read these steps and tips. Do not change the order):

1. Relax. Totally relax. Take deep breaths and let go. Close your eyes. Stay in the moment. (5 minutes)

2. Lay down on your back or side and using plenty of water-based lube, slowly and gently insert The P-gasm.

3. Let your body wrap around The P-gasm and simply continue to relax. Feel how each node is pressed into you naturally and become aware of this sensation. Stay still for at least 5 more minutes.

4. Breathe deeply and take your time feeling these new sensations.

5. Relax some more for at least 5 minutes. Continuing to focus on the new sensations.

6. Slowly begin contracting and relaxing your PC muscles while focusing on the sensations of The P-gasm pressing up against your prostate internally while the outside nodes press into your perineum.

7. Let the sensations guide you and keep flexing your PC muscles faster and faster. Then relax and pick up again. Always relaxing and breathing deeply. You may also tighten and loosen up your buttocks and thigh muscles as well.

8. Keep this up until you feel your prostate and sphincters start to vibrate. Let the sensation spread through your entire body. This will inevitably create involuntary contractions both inside and outside your body. Go with this feeling and welcome this new experience.


If you’re not sure how to find or use your PC muscles do the exercises listed in the following article first:

Avoid touching and stimulating your penis during the entire session. This will help you stay in focus and prevent you from ejaculating. Just relax and leave your penis alone. Instead of stimulating your penis, learn to enjoy the new sensations in your prostate and you will experience mind-blowing full body orgasms in no time.

You will soon find out that your prostate and sphincter will continue to vibrate or tickle even long after you’ve finished a session. This is perfectly normal! Focus on it and enjoy it.

Continued use will inevitably give you rock hard erections. This is because you are working out your PC muscles and your prostate at the same time. In many respects you are fine tuning and conditioning all of your sex organs at once. Your sex organs include your sphincters, prostate, testicles, penis, and your MIND!

Your libido may suddenly go through the roof. Enjoy it and show off with a partner. Your partner will thank you for it.

The experience and orgasms will intensify with time. Stay on course and follow the steps listed above. You will soon learn to have multiple orgasms. Some will be short and some will last as long as a few minutes! Remember to totally relax both your mind and body.

Regarding the size of The P-gasm. For prostate stimulation, smaller is better! The small size allows your muscles to move The P-gasm inside you and stimulate your prostate completely. A larger size may not have the same benefit.

Width: Each node is 25mm (.98 inches) wide.
Height: 100mm (3.93 inches)
Print solid or at least 80% fill.
Add supports.

Can be scaled to any dimension depending on your needs. Print out a few of them in different sizes and try them!

Please seal with Z-poxy or epoxy equivalent.