Lil’ Shorty Buttplug

Thom Thomen

This new design from the labs of Thom Thomen is meant for intermediate users with small 3D printers like the MP Select Mini or other <120mm Cubed print-bed.
The point on top may be sanded or otherwise smoothed in software to remove discomfort.

Because of the short length of the buttplug, the base is widened and the rift between the base and head increased in order to reduce chances of the buttplug getting stuck anywhere.

Please remember to use this toy responsibly, and use either the SexShop3D Silicon method of making the dildo safe, or use a basic condom over the buttplug in order to prevent the growth of bacteria.

85mm (8.5cm) whole height
72mm (7.2cm) head width
30mm (3cm) shaft width
100mm (10cm) base width
80mm (8cm) base height