Lockable Ankle Cuff, Very secure !


This will make an oval shaped cuff, sized for a mens ankle. (3.5 x 3) Scale down to make smaller for other sizes. This is a whopping 1.5 inches wide, and 3/4th thick cuff, if it was made of metal would weigh over 30 lbs! But with a mere 40% infill it is virtually indestructible and very much useable for fantasy type play. 1.5 inch x 3/16 roll pin makes a perfect hinge for this. The locking tabs actually interlock when closed to prevent sliding them apart, and they are mounted horizontal so there is no ‘shackle bounce’ Edges are smoothed to keep corners from being sharp.
This item is durable enough for medium duty BDSM play. When Printed, it will make all the parts for one (1) ankle cuff.

Interior Oval, 3inx3.5in    Wall size is 3/4in thick, height is 1.5 in