Male Toy Dryer with Convection Ports


***Update*** The Dryer has been upgraded to make it easier to print using a desktop printer with NO NEEDED SUPPORT! The picture shown was printed with no supports on a Solidoodle SD4 (a poorly calibrated SD4 at that!).

For the guys, and our pre-op trans girls (we’re looking out for you too!) who have silicone sleeves, masturbators, etc. you know that cleaning them can be a real challenge. Once they’re clean, drying them is even harder. This dryer is designed with a taper from the top to bottom so the toy can easily be slid on and off. But what separates this from the rest is the series of holes at the bottom that will allow air to come in through the bottom and out the top via natural convection (Let’s get a shout out for Science!). It can also be run the other way if you force air in through the top with either a vac in reverse, or a blow dryer (on cool of course, we wouldn’t want to melt the toy). Either direction will prevent the humid air from getting trapped in the toy and causing unwanted bacteria, mold, fungus, or god knows what else.

The walls are fairly thin (to reduce wasting material) so I recommend a high infill (70% or more). Printing at .3mm will be fine but if you use a finer layer height the smoother finish will make it easier to slide on and off, and it makes it harder for bacteria to find a home. Surface finishing is also recommended either with silicone or vapor baths (but please do your vapor bath using 2 containers and hot water, we don’t need any explosions). And don’t forget to clean regularly.

Happy Jerking!

Base Diameter – 3 in (76 mm)
Top Diameter – 1.05 in (27 mm)
Height – 4.5 in (114 mm)